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[T1ER 1] 24/7 SQDM
[tR1.BF3] | Tier 1 Gaming | Match Server
tR1. vs. [MoM] - 4:0
tR1. vs. =E= - 4:0
tR1. vs. [Axn] - 1:2
tR1. vs. |SoV| - 3:1
tR1. vs. .n3m. - 3:2

Tera Online  Fairy Tail Tera Online Guild
Are you unhappy with your guild?

Was you kicked out for being to casual?

Kicked out for having a High infamy?

Why not join.....

A Division Of Tier1Gaming

Fairy Tail is the Tera Online division for Tier1Gaming, a gaming community of online gamers who value maturity, sportsmanship, and great team play. Our community roots started from Eve-Online. And if you ever played Eve-Online, some of our leaders were leaders in Eye of God, Demonic Retribution, Ascendant Frontier, and Axiom Empire. We would like to share our passion of playing video games in the company of other like-minded gamers. We are open to all genders and gaming styles. Gaming styles ranging from hardcore competitive gamers who compete in gaming leagues, to the casual weekend players. We welcome you to join our community. As a community, we expect our members to respect one another.


Rules and Requirements to join Fairy Tail

  1. Level/Character Requirements
    • Seeking only LvL 50 and above players.
    • Preferably Lancers, Sorcerers, and Healers.
  2. Be active as much as possible
    • Play Daily, or a few times weekly
    • If you know before hand that you will not be active or playing much, please make a post in our forum.
    • Be active on our forum. Our forum will contain all the latest information regarding Guild Events and News
  3. Participate in Guild Events
    • We require guild members to help in guild events
    • This events include doing the "Blue" colored quests: Vanarch and Guild Quests
    • Participating in Guild-Only Instance runs
    • Being in a PvP Server, we expect our members to help in GvG events when they are going on
    • If we ask for help, we are asking for help to protect our members who are being farmed via GvG
    • If some day, you are being farmed and trolled by GvG enemies, you will understand why we protect our members.
  4. Download and Install Teamspeak
    • Teamspeak is HIGHLY recommended in GvG and Guild Events
    • It is easier to communicate and coordinate.
    • In the mist of a Guild only event, it is very hard to watch whisper and guild chats.
    • You DONT NEED a microphone, just having the ability to listen to others is far more valuable
    • Tutorial on how to install and setup teamspeak: [ TS Guide ]
  5. Read and follow our [ Rules of Conduct ] (Click the Link)


How to Join

Click and fill out an application here today:


Mastework Crafting Services

With the help of the taxes raised from our reigns of Vanarchs, we started the Fairy Tail MasterShop. A workshop of Tier 13 Dreamkeeper Weapons and Armors. To pay the Valley of Titans community back for spending their hard earned Gold in our provinces, we offer our workshop services to the public. Details here: http://forum.tier1gami...rk-dreamkeeper-shop.1440/

Persons of Interest:
Kyary.Pamyu.Pamyu ___________________[ In-Game Guild Master ]
Temptress.Destiny ____________________ [ Guild Crafter, make requests via link above ]
Temptress.Liara ______________________ [ Recruitment Director ]
Temptress.Phoenix ____________________ [ PVP/Recruitment Director]
Fyre.Bird ____________________________ [ Recruitment Officer]
Einn________________________________ [ Public Liason ]

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