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[T1ER 1] 24/7 SQDM
[tR1.BF3] | Tier 1 Gaming | Match Server
tR1. vs. [MoM] - 4:0
tR1. vs. =E= - 4:0
tR1. vs. [Axn] - 1:2
tR1. vs. |SoV| - 3:1
tR1. vs. .n3m. - 3:2

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Fairy Tail is the Tera Online division for Tier1Gaming, a gaming community of online gamers who value maturity, sportsmanship, and great team play. Our community roots started from Eve-Online. And if you ever played Eve-Online, some of our leaders were leaders in Eye of God, Demonic Retribution, Ascendant Frontier, and Axiom Empire. We would like to share our passion of playing video games in the company of other like-minded gamers. We are open to all genders and gaming styles. Gaming styles ranging from hardcore competitive gamers who compete in gaming leagues, to the casual weekend players. We welcome you to join our community. As a community, we expect our members to respect one another.

As Six-Time Vanarchs, we promise to keep running our provinces running in the same manner as our previous reigns.
Short and simple, we promise to:
  • Provide a 100% uptime to NPC shops, as we have done so in the past.
  • Provide over 9 years of gaming leadership experience to our Vanarchy
  • Maintain competitive Tax Rates: We will check every 3 days, to ensure our taxes are below the GLOBAL Average

Guild Contact
IF you need to get in contact with someone from Fairy Tail, contact "Temptress.Liara" In Game


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